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A lifetime of questioning turned to fulltime research and contemplation in 2009 and never stopped since. Born in 1960 and ’62, Kevin and Nina have spent a lifetime (36 years) viewing the world as Children. We have conclusive evidence to show true love, peace and fearlessness is available to all. We have been a cooperative since 1986. Kevin studied, as a child, 1972 to today under M.R. Bawa Muhayadeen (a well known and respected, authentic Sufi Sheik, born ? – 1986)

Nina was born Indigo, from a worldly and academic family upbringing which ‘challenged’ her natural Indigo child perspective. It demonstrated to her vividly, cognitive dissonance. She endured being ‘instructed’ in the ways of, how the hyper materialistic, ritualistic, guilt driven, mundane and ‘no feelings’ world lives and how many deflections and ‘cover stories’ they are capable of, between mundane language, mocking and blaming others for their troubles. Her natural Indigo/Avatar and her tribulations are invaluable to the cause.

Kevin was born an Indigo Child to New Age parents, so has always played in both worlds of Reality and Actuality. He had a tumultuous childhood and teen years. More dysfunction and rage against the machine for a lifetime. Together, Nina and Kevin have been lifelong entrepreneurs (used junk dealers) while studying people and the meaning to Life.

Our work includes opinions drawn from many researchers and prophets over many centuries. Our personal research spans 10’s of thousands of hours and as many in contemplation. The bibliographies and overall data are mountainous and include 1000’s of published works.

It turned out, all Truth is in Plain Sight, but the data helped push two driven people to relax, take it all in and build our discernment meters to top level.

We retained our Childhood ‘glasses’ at the transition age of 7 to 8. We both promised ourselves then to hold a lifelong perspective as Immortal Children. We have leaned heavily on this notion our entire lives – and each other. Let us share our true love with you.

We are confident in our conclusions and they are shared by every Rebel against Theocratic /AI Domination that has ever appeared on Earth from un-erased history for near 6,000 years..