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Greetings from your host and hostess, Kevin and Nina! We are the owners and operators of “Leyman’s View” YouTube Channel. (A Ley is a string of flowers or a field of magnetism – matchups!) Article on LeyLines here.


This word is old French, a corruption of loi, and signifies law; for example, Termes de la Ley, Terms of the Law. 

In another, an old technical sense, ley signifies an oath, or

 the oath with compurgators; as, il tend sa ley aiu pleyntiffe. 

We are seeking the unknowable but observable source of all by getting to know the person next to us. All emanations are from the unknowable and then our individuals/group mind effect.

Kevin and Nina founded Ride Thera Pub, Wisdom Warriors University and Magnetic Magic Net to seek the unknowable. Our journey will take us through the world of named and claimed things also.

We make creative videos, discussion videos, podcasts, blog articles, self help guides and moderate discussion channels to get the correct models on:



Why are there so many gaps in timelines. Composite images from Space. Outlandish theories. What is the Sun, Moon, Stars, force of Gravity.



Why are there 30 trillion plus human cells, with 100s of independent structures within each. Where did this incredible regenerative and self perpetuating functions evolve from.



Who or what is this unknowable ‘god’ the Gnostics speak on. Who is this nameable god many speak of and worship. What powers everything.



What to do first to heal your body and clear your mind of the noise. How to get on the path to lose judgement over others and live the best Life possible.

“Our motto is, listen to all the prophets – keep only the good”

We do not catch hurt feelings from any sharing or broadcasting. We will glean from anyone if it will get us the answers we require.

Since 2009 we took our research full time on lifelong questions and we exploited Internet sharing to check every resource there and in our relationships and in Nature for validation and observable proof of true historical records and ancient texts on the correct Human and Creator models.

We both found Peace and Purpose in April 2021. Since then, we have condensed over 1 million files, writing over 200 blog articles, producing videos and podcasts.

The Kevin and Nina Evolution

We became a committed couple in 1986 and we have never been unstuck since. Nina, born in 1962, is from an academic background and carries the assets of two acclaimed Professor parents who always lived together with their children in the Philadelphia Metro Area. Nina is from the organized world of named things and the anguish that brings from the awkwardness of facing unnamable things!.

Kevin, born 1960, is from a working parents background in New Jersey. The parents divorced in 1963 so Kevin got the typical for that era, upbringing of separated parents. Kevin had the advantage of two ‘New Age’ parents who entertained many new ideas arriving to the Earth at those times. — Including lots of discussions on un-nameable things.

Kevin is the oldest of two brothers. Nina is the youngest of two sisters. Although we matched up very opposite in most ways, we both were shocked at a very young age at how supposedly mature adults, our guides and leaders, had very unsatisfying answers to almost every question about relationships, lifestyle, self-realization, true knowledge of Earth, Humans and Creator.

Also, why so many are suffering dis-comfort from trying to stay within a comfort zone. We studied each other, our differences and similarities and the trials and gains of others around the Earth. We have gathered the Intel and drawn conclusions that have brought us Peace, Fearlessness, Knowledge, Power and Love and Respect for Ourselves and all of Creation. Please allow us to share.

We spent the last 35 years looking at and living life, while finding the correct questions to ask in order to have the best answers to seek.

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