Child Twelve to Twenty-Two

  • What intel will I receive when I can hear all my inner senses.

12. We found that when you can clean not only your body but your body and your mind that you will literally hear the subtleties from your inner senses. We found great success in the choices we made in our diet and what we lent our ears and eyes to for the last 10 years. After a lot of hard work the magic of our inner sense had been fully revealed to us. Learn the steps we took to recognize our inner sense, click here.

  • How can money be my friend or enemy

13. We found the best way to have money be your friend is to get rid of it as soon as it gets close to you. Money stacked too high will make it soon you cry. Money stands for separation. All of our dis-unity and separation can be tied to money. Money is your friend when you use it for good and you never let it stack too high and then you will never cry. Read all our feeling on Money here.

  • What is the Secret, secret and occult societies are holding

14. The secret of the secret societies is that they and us are family members and on the same team. The more that we seek separation, the more separation is provided. The secret societies are playing a fantastic role as gatekeepers in the give and take of our magical world. We and they hold equal amounts of telepathic manifestation powers. They are actually greatly weakened by playing the roles of gatekeepers. They are even more weakened by being the reservoir of all the hypothetical s deductions and fantasies we enjoy. Through our telepathic power ‘they’ can provide any dream or nightmare we request. The details are endless but we have summarized them here.

  • What is the new evidence Earth is only thousands of years old

15. New evidence earth is only thousand years old is found partly in present discoveries and partly in ancient disclosures. The earth has been through many cycles according to many ancient text, but they all agree the earth is only 1000s of years old. The new evidence is scientific and measurable. We have summarized both sets of evidences here.

  • Why are we in a Man’s world of doing everything

16. Everyone says ladies first and beauty before brains. The only source of human unconditional love is from a mother. So why do men and masculine thinking make most of the decisions. And why does the Vatican worship a mother. We must get to the bottom of both of these questions. Please click here to do so.

  • Was early Egypt a Feminine based culture, who was Maat

17. Maat is your Mama. Both physically and meta-physically represented in ‘Mother Earth’. She is an early ancient cultural deity in the lesser known earlier Egyptian Sumerian times which are greatly misunderstood and misrepresented for a reason. We have uncovered some evidence of the last 1-2000 years which our historians are stating has taken us 12,000 years. Click here for the real story.

  • What phrases can I adopt or drop to improve my life

18. When you want to improve it means you want to prove yourself. You want to prove your worth, you want to prove your value. You want to be proven and a proven. The fastest way to be proven is through others, only others can prove to you you have improved. The speech and phrases you listen to and the speech and phrases that you use decide whether you can be proven or not. 

To be improved you start by saying the words I am PROVEN. Learn the fast track to improving your life through the speech you use and the speech you listen to, click here.

  • Why are there wars

19. Why are there wars? Everything in our existence is an accumulation of everything before. Everything we are today is decided on what we are for. Everything we are tomorrow is determined by what we are for. One way to look at war is by spelling it in reverse. Cooked food led to cooked flesh. When earth’s people ate only raw, there was no cannibalism, or carnivores or war. Those people knew what they were for and they lived it. Learn more about the raw lifestyle here.

  • Why do people eat animals

20. Why do people eat animals? “Those who will exclude any of Gods creatures from the shelter of compassion and dignity will deal likewise with their fellow man.” – St. Francis of Assisi. 41% Percent of the US land in the 48 contiguous states are used for animal pastures and feed production – USDA 2017. As of this writing, Sept 8 2021, over 38 billion animals have been slaughtered for food this year in United States alone. What is wrong with this picture? Where is the data to prove eating animal meat is healthy or that the human body can utilize it as a source of nutrition? The data is stacked high and the data is clear get the full answers here.

  • Who is Adam and Eve, really

21. Who is Adam and Eve, really? Adam and Eve represent the first and second human and the first family of humans on Earth. Before they were here, there were no humans here. In a world we live in of deduction, hypothetical, theories and fantasies we can design and redesign the story of creation any way we want. The  Bible is where we learned about Adam and Eve, but we can see their story in our individual lives and the world around us. Adam and Eve are the first mother and father and thereby our first mother and father. There is so much more to know if you ask. Click here for more.

  • How much of the bible is a script / changed by the Council of Nicea

22. The amount of text written in the bible is quite large. And the amount of texts left out of the bible is larger than the bible. The amount of changes made to the bible are as many as there are words in the bible.

The stories of the bible repeat themselves, civilization, cultures towns and households. The story of the bible is our story and although many men have adulterated and changed some meanings, those stories still represent our condition.

The bible and Christianity are the basis for most laws, policies and memes in the world today. So regardless of how scripted or edited the bible is its influence is throughout our condition. Read all the gory details here.