Child Twenty-Three to Thirty-Three

  • What are Inner Senses

23. Your inner senses are an entire set of senses that are built into your inside and you have special receivers for each sense, the nose, the ears, the eyes, the taste and the touch.

These inside are as vibrant and alive as the senses you experience from the outside. They operate on a very subtle and quiet frequency and the way to hear them is to get your body and mind quiet.

When we look around at all living things we see an end out or male female in all of them. You can think of your outer senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell as your way of receiving information from the outside world or the “away team”.

Your home team has all of your inner senses and information related to inner things but it can only be heard when you are quiet. We all walk as “home team” and “away team” inside of us the “away team” has senses for all outside information and the “home team” has senses for all inside information.

Learn how we connected with all of our inner senses here.

  • How many prophets have there been?

24. There have been 10s of thousands of profits and exalted men and women who have walked the earth over the millennias.
Each carried their own burdens of trials and tribulations as they tried to share their message.

Many texts from many prophets survive and we all can choose the different styles and types of texts we like to hear. The Bible has a famous quote listen to all the prophets but keep only the good.

See the prophets that we like to source our confidence from here.

  • Who was Jesus

25. Jesus is the most famous person who is ever talked about in our era and he is thought to have lived a couple thousand years ago. There have been many authors and editors of the text around the Jesus story so we have to expect that not all of it is 100% accurate.

We know the J, the letter J was invented 300 years or so after this person named Jesus walked the earth and that the movement following his life was still active at that time and that there was a committee formed called the council of nicaea which edited the entire Bible by removing many of the books and editing every word of all the texts.

There have been many old books found that now show the story of Jesus in a few different ways click here to find our conclusions about the different stories.

  • Are Greek or Nordic Gods real

26. The Greek gods emanated from the minds of Greek men and their time spent with the Egyptians where they learned everything they ever learned about the cosmologies of the earth and the human being.

The Egyptians at that time were coming to the end of at least 1000 years of existence and had been through several cycles of evolving and evolving.

The stories of Egypt, Atlantis, Greece and Rome and the old languages development from Israel, France, England and the rest of Europe are mostly untold see our summaries about it all here.

  • What happens to me after suicide

27. You can think of suicide as the act of this stupid pig taking poison enough to kill itself. Its destiny will be to come back as a stupid pig and try it again.

In order to evolve and to complete the reason you are here, suicide is not an option. If you have to, fight to the death. More reason to live, click here.

  • Do we live more than once

28. The text that has been written and testified to about Rand carnation and living life on earth in multiple lifetimes is stacked higher and higher and higher as the years go by. See our full explanation of this topic here.

  • How and what is Water and Air

29. The most super clear thing there is in life is air and water there is nothing that is more clear. Everything is made of air and water and everywhere you look is air and water.

Of all the things that men and science can break apart and reassemble water is one that has never been solved. The man and scientists that try so hard to make water are demonstrating and proving to us that water cannot be made by men.
The air becomes even more mysterious as wherever you go and whatever level above the surface you go the air takes on different characteristics and serves different functions. When you look at the human body it is made exclusively of air and water. Find out all we have proven about air and water here.

  • Can I imagine something into existence

30. Besides being made exclusively of air and water the human being is also attached to the source of all living things which gives him exclusive telepathic manifestation power over his existence in reality.

Stacks and stacks of books have been written about this, dreamed about and fictionalized around the plane. Entire books on methods of how to connect to this power have been written about.

We however find this power as mysterious as the air and water and feel it needs to be treated with all and respect. Find out how we have identified these powers and how to use them.

  • What is a Fractal and the Fibonacci

31. The short answer is these are both gift answers to man so that he can explain his existence. Find our summary of these concepts and sciences and what they mean to our adventure here on Earth, here.

  • How many parts / bodies do I have

32. You are a human being and you are very complex and have many parts and several bodies and many histories. We are all part our mother and father so minimum we are mother father and child. Since each of us is that we are also a sovereign independent and unique being so that makes us four parts. The 5th part is the source of all living things that pervades all of life and earth and is earth.

Inside our thoughts we find at least two areas our mental intellectual area and our emotional reactive area. We all play a three part game in this game we think something then we feel something about it then we do something about it.

The sinking feeling doing aspect of the human being can be thought of as three bodies. They would be the mental body the emotional body and the physical body each with its own complexities.

Learn all that we have discovered about the human body and what we are doing about it.

  • What are Human Cells

33. Human cells run into the 10s of trillions throughout your body and are constantly on the move delivering and taking out the trash. Each cell contains hundreds 2000s of distinct structures within the individual cell and each of those structures has its own function. The new tools we have in science today explicitly show that each human cell has the infrastructure of a city.

These cells run almost exclusively on air and water and control most of the important functions regarding delivery and taking out the trash throughout all the systems of your body.

Find out all we have learned about the human cell and how to get all of them to operate at 100% function to improve your life dramatically.