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  • How will it end this time. See bottom of page for answer.

4 Success – Our Gift to the World

Physically – Mentally – Emotionally – Creatively – Relationship Building

ByRide Thera Publishing

Physically – Mentally – Emotionally – Creatively – Relationship Building

A 61 year old’s steps as ‘leyman’ from obesity and selfishness to health and non judgment.

Hello my name is Kevin and I decided 12 years ago in 2009 to change my lifestyle so that I might have the best life possible. I found out what the best motivations that life has to offer and how to blend with them to afford me and the ones I love the best life possible.

My relationships with myself, my partner, others and the world held importance in that order. The first thing on the list was myself. Until I was operating at full efficiency I would not know what was available to me.

This ebook will also be in that order starting with my body, my mind and then my partner her body and her mind and out from there. Please read the chapter titles below to see what you will be getting.

Achieve your natural body size, weight and strength and remove all toxins.

We will show you how to correctly identify the different parts and needs of your body and how to feed and manage them to achieve this.

Various parts of our food options are discussed so that you can identify what is good for you and what is bad for you.

Our Personal Testimony eBook toward the Best Life Possible

Gain strength, stamina and flexibility.

Learn the simple steps and techniques you can take every day to see gains daily and weekly in your strength stamina and flexibility.

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Where to look to find motivation and how to stay motivated every day.

We will share our list of where we look to find motivation and how we find ways to stay motivated and engaged in our personal evolution everyday.

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How to quiet your mind so you can make effective plans.

Where are the techniques to get your mind quiet enough to make effective plans plus tips to making lists that accomplish your goals.

Our Personal Testimony eBook toward the Best Life Possible

How to build a rock hard stomach / core and how it benefits the human body. Tips to instant sleep when your head hits the pillow.

Everyone wants to fall asleep as soon as their head it’s a pillow, here we show you how.

Rock hard stomach or core is essential to the correct metabolism and the way that your blood runs through your bloodstream so here we discuss the benefits of the well maintained core and the techniques we use to achieve it.

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The main method of oxygen, hydration and nutrition to the body is the bloodstream. What does your blood need from you so it operates at 100% effective function?

Here is the proof of the number one organ in the body, the bloodstream. What actions you can take to increase the effectiveness of your blood are fully discussed in this chapter.

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What words can you say, write or think to mold your reality and experience to the best life possible?

Here we will show the power that words have when you say them out loud or write them down or think them inside your mind and how they literally create the experience that you are having.

Our Personal Testimony eBook toward the Best Life Possible

What words can you listen to read or watch people say to mold your reality and experience to the best life possible?

Equally as important are the words that we lend our ears to and our eyes too and that includes the media that we read or watch as those things lead to the things that we say or right. Here we discuss how to adjust you are listening and reading habits so that you can improve your happiness and relationships.

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Learn the not much talked about knowledge of sounds shapes and colors and their influence on our reality and our happiness.

There are books stacked to the ceiling about language words letters shapes sounds colors and their influence. We have been studying the effect and influence of these things for over 50 years from a layman’s perspective. We have also red most of what the experts have written about it.

Our conclusions are based on our research and personal observation of their effect on our lives and the world around us. We learned how to pick and choose the pieces that work for us.

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Learn how to finish all your projects.

We all remember getting yelled at by mom or someone for not cleaning up our room. Turns out they were right putting things away correctly and finishing projects is definitely the way to go. Unfinished business always comes back to haunt us, read how we tackle this project here.

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Learn exactly what a human being is and who you are.

After we cleaned the toxins out of our body and found quietness inside our mind we were able to get the clarity to determine what we are and who we are. Learn more here.

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Discover your exact purpose in life.

Everyone would like to know if they have a true purpose or if they are random and insignificant. Our journey took us to this point and it is a question we always had learn our conclusions here.

Become 100% peaceful and fearless.

There is nothing better then being at peace and feeling completely fearless. It is a journey but achievable for all.

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Shed all judgment and comparison of others.

The greatest achievement in the human condition is to shed your judgment and comparison of others or in other words to want to understand them more than you understand yourself. This of course leads to learning more about yourself. Find the full discussion here.

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5. From all the data we have collected and through promises of Sikhs and prophets that we trust, the world will not end by drowning this time. Although we can expect that people who live next to large bodies of water may see those bodies of water on top of them. We all know the story of Noah and the great flood and it is written about in every ancient cosmology.

We know the world can end by flooding or by fire or by ice or by mud or by earthquakes or by volcanoes or by comets. So we have several choices to consider. The world itself is actually within our own mentality so the end of the world is not the way it appears from our limited perspective.

In a most simplest way of describing it is we living are within our own projections but that does not discount our physicality which is real. Every outcome in our personal lives and the immediate circle of people we touch and the world around us is directly related to our thoughts. The thoughts make the world and the thoughts and the world so at minimum we know the world will end this time because of thoughts.

Here’s an excerpt from the writings of one of our heroes Guru Bawa;

The sheikh said: Son, there are many wonders in God’s creation. God created millions of four-legged animals, two-legged men, birds, reptiles, and countless other beings. Some men do not take fish or meat and say they are vegetarians. They say, “We are close to God. We will go to God’s kingdom.” They pray and dance and perform rituals. They call themselves saivam, or vegetarian. We have seen and heard of this.

But cows, goats, donkeys, and some birds are natural vegetarians. Some do not even drink milk. They certainly do not take cooked food or tea and coffee. They also perform service for the world.

But they do not go to heaven; they end up in the butcher shop. If even such natural vegetarians do not receive heaven, how can man, who takes eggs and his mother’s blood in the form of milk, go to heaven?

At best, he is a temporary vegetarian. Is this saivam? He will receive only what the cow received. The cow goes to the butcher shop, and man will go to hell. This is what will happen if he does not understand the truth.

Son, man will not reach heaven through words or by eating vegetarian food. He must analyze with wisdom and understand. If he understands, he will not hurt any heart or eat any part of any being. He will not steal another man’s food, hurt another man’s life, or take away another man’s freedom. He will consider the suffering of all lives as his own and help them; he will consider everyone’s hunger as his own, sacrifice his own food, praise God, and serve others.

No matter what he suffers, he will acquire God’s qualities, do the duties God does, and make the mystery of God his. He will forbear with patience and be content regardless of all the suffering that comes to him in performing his duty. At every moment, he will say, “All praise belongs to God, al-hamdu lilläh,” and do whatever has to be done.

For what is to happen at the next moment, he will give all responsibility to God. He will do duty without arrogance or anger, without praise, titles, karma, sin, or hatred, without taking the intoxicants of the world, and without losing his faith. With faith, certitude, determination, and surrender to Allah, he will pay obeisance to God, praying to Him in every breath and in every word.

One who is pure, one who has cut away his birth, one who will not be reborn, one who has the undiminishing wealth of Allah, one who disappears in Allah, is called saivam. One in this state is called Islam. Läm is light. But the words and deeds of men who merely talk of it are like fuel for the fire of hell. What benefit is there in that?

Son, one who understands with wisdom, and knows what is saivam and what is Islam, is Ïmän-Isläm.

The Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh No. 744