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How we are Perfect

Can we put a thought or an emotion in a container and measure it? In a way we can. Each of us is running on Air and Water for 99% of our sustenance. Each one of our 10s of trillions of Human cell organisms are filled with the constituents of Air and Water. Each cell fills up with Air every cycle around the body. We are physically, mostly made up of Air and Water. Water has been proven to have memory. The Air has been said to contain charged particles of negative and positive Ions. These ions fill our bodies with every breath. We are self evidently, a mix of density and Air. We submit the Air not only powers us but acts as a medium for memories and communications between individuals and groups. How many times have you gazed at someone who was preoccupied and they immediately turned and looked directly at you, even at a distance.
Who believe ideas are in the Air? And hunches? And ESP. We think the Air is Humanity’s ‘Cloud’, we store and retrieve emotional/mental/Air things from it.

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