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The first person to run your personal world is you. Our personal reality is ruled by our focus, intentions and actions. All reactions and responses to us happen after we act. We are in Thera, the Thought Era. (Ride Regarding the hierarchal structures of the world institutions and corporations, yes, we do respond to that and allow it to be our reality. Are ‘they’ out to get us? Looks to me like they intend to manage our thoughts so we will do their bidding (through our demands!). Outside of molding and directing our thoughts, there is NO power over you and I. The powers that be, require our faith in them in order for our minds to stay busy with our 5 senses and the Neo-Cortex part of our Brains leading our actions and reactions. Most of the fruits of our labors for many generations and Ages have gone toward energy use and following existing and evolving memes. We freely hand it over. Our actions and responses have led to many control/power groups throughout our everyday lives. There are hierarchal groups everywhere now, even in our own houses. It is a pattern we are familiar with and we teach our children to ‘adapt’ to it. Shoot, each one of us engages in or has engaged in the same behavior of dominating or submitting around our own circle of different groups we are in. We have all learned to adapt to the concept and actions of “One Man’s will over another” The amount of material available on ‘who runs the world’ and writers uncovering deceptions is indeed astounding. The amount of material on “You run your World” is also astounding in it’s miniscule-ness. That should be a clue to you. Following are a few summaries from – written by Richard Kallberg in 2017

1. Secrets of Cymatics, DNA, and Egyptians

A short article introducing – and showing the connection between – the following fields:
  • Cymatics (the study of how sound affects matter);
  • Fibonacci series & the golden mean (phi);
  • Cymatic and resonant properties of DNA;
  • Design and resonant frequencies of the Giza Pyramids.

2. Leylines: An Introduction

A study of ancient megaliths, showing that
  • ancients all over the world built their temples using the same phi- and pi-oriented maths;
  • their structures were very similar aesthetically;
  • many of them are perfectly aligned to the same star constellations: either Orion (which is associated to Osiris) or Draco (which is associated to serpents);
  • the serpent was of high importance and worshiped all over the world, from the Temple of the Serpent in Mexico, to Angkor Wat being aligned to the Draco constellation, among countless others.
  • many ancient megaliths are aligned with each other geographically.
Ley lines are apparent alignments of places of significance in the geography or culture of an area, often including man-made structures. They are in the older sense, ancient, straight trackways in the British landscape, or in the newer sense, spiritual and mystical alignments of land forms. Researchers believe there are actually two types of ley lines: 1. energy ley lines and 2. true ley lines. Energy ley lines are considered to be beams of energy that cross the landscape. They are literally fractures in the earth’s crust and are affected by gravity. Faults are then created and water released, thus affecting the Earth. True ley lines are ancient “tracks” discovered in the 1920’s and seem to connect important sacred sites around the world. That being said, one could argue that any two points on a map can easily connect with a straight line, and are thereby connecting simply by coincidence. But what if they aren’t?

5. Links to the Ancients

An essay illustrating the clear links between modern day freemasonry and ancient civilizations. You will learn that
  1. worship of the owl and Moloch has been on-going for thousands of years, up to and including the present day when freemasons are continuing in the traditions of ancient cultures, not least at Bohemian Grove which most world leaders visit annually.
  2. the hand gesture that pays homage/shows allegiance to Moloch (the deity associated with the owl/death) has been normalized into main stream society by rap culture and cartoons.
  3. The Temple of Baal (where Moloch was worshiped) has been brought back into the mainstream, suggesting that the occult is starting to become has become prevalent in today’s society once again.
We have a ton of material to share here and more is revealed daily. We have found the three maxims of Ancient times are solutions when you add two more. MAXIMS: Know Thyself Nothing in Excess Surety Brings Ruin See Life as a Child Be Air Density Combined

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