Mother Eight-Nine to Ninety-Nine

  • What is unconditional Love

89. Unconditional love is very mysterious and very hard to pin down. It is one of the immeasurable things in our existence and condition. As an immeasurable thing it can be observed and then tagged and identified from there.

Man in his evolved wisdom has determined that unconditional love resides within a female mother of children. Almost everyone can think of instances where their mother showed them unconditional love. If not we have countless numbers of recorded moments of that within books and stories and news.

The rest of us normal humans that aren’t mothers of children can have unconditional love but only after we lose judgment and favoritism and only after we have a very good reason for giving that up. Click here so we can provide that reason.

  • How do couples repair and respect each other anew

90. Couples repair and respect to the new when one of them decides that that is their most important mission in life. After that one person can change their behavior in ways where they listen to their partner so that they can understand them ahead of their desire to be understood. This action of nonwords will go unnoticed by your partner. And you will benefit greatly because you will start to understand your partner in new and interesting and exciting ways.

Both of you can get 100% repaired to new if one of you decides to do it click here for all the exciting details.

  • what is the true shape of earth and format of heavens

91. The true shape of the earth is easily understood if you go high enough in the sky and take a look. The last modern men to first go up there  were the people in Europe during WWII. We are no longer allowed to say their names but they had all the rocket scientists that emigrated to America after the war to work for our secret government and at Disney.

At that time, those same men discovered or were handed knowledge of many things including all there could be known about Antarctica. Shortly after the war, the general public was cut-off from Antarctica by treaty. That treaty was never broken and is never discussed. Hello?

Get all we have about it here.

  • What is the history of language – how are shapes, sounds, colors inter-related

92. Language started out as sounds and gestures. Eventually we started making symbols to illustrate the sounds and gestures. Today the language still represents sounds and gestures.

All of the symbols that were used in past languages and the way they have developed into today’s language has been written down in many many books. The rest of the story that is rarely told is how that each of these symbols that make up our words has its own energetic signature that is exactly resembling its matching color and vibration or frequency giving these symbols and the words and sounds and colors they become very much energetic power.

The history of the language is irrelevant compared to the need to understand what language is represents and the power that it leads to your life and your relationships. Please click here for the whole story or sit on your ******* hands

  • Has any virus ever been isolated or any treatment ever proven to be effective

93. No virus has ever been isolated or has any treatment ever been found to cure a virus nor has any virus been given from one person to another by a scientific team.

Along with that no treatment has ever been discovered that can kill a virus that has not been identified.

We have a lot more to tell you about this on the next page so please click here.

  • Why do anti-parasitic meds relieve co vid – are anti-biotics bad for you

94. We have assembled a ton of data on how anti-parasitic meds or relieving parasitic situations in peoples bodies including the latest name for the flu please click here to get all of our data and our summations.

  • Professions like medical and others use rote learning (meme learning) to teach students. Is this harmful to society

95. Professions like medical and others use rote learning (meme learning) to teach students. Is this harmful to society96 please think about this if someone is learning everything they know by repetition and never given a chance to work it out with their own mental thinking and emotional and experiences do you think that is good.

Sadly many of our professions today are taught this way and it is called ROTE learning rote learning or meme learning or mnemonic learning by repetition. It does not let the person reach an emotional or analytic state as they are constantly being forced to learn by repetition. Once the student gets into this mode they can easily be manipulated into many other ways of thinking that may benefit the person that is holding their attention.

All the gory details and happy endings to hospitals doctors and the medical profession here.

  • why do letters have numerical equivalents in the study of gematria or numerology

96. Most of our language can be traced back to ancient Hebrew and ancient Greek and in those languages every symbol or letter had a numerical value or equivalent. The same can be said for all modern languages but take note that this is not taught in our education system.

Some people think through mantra and numerology are the answers to the riddles but they are not. Please click here so we can rearrange your thinking on the numbers and the letters and how they affect your life to the betterment or detriment.

  • Is NASA valid – do they have authentic photos from space

97. NA SA has a reason to exist. We do not know all the details but we know it is part of a  perfect plan we are all engaged in. 

The organization has stated many times in public and in their text that all of their photos were made in a composite lab and are not authentic photos. For the rest of the details and our conclusions click here.

  • What is the all influencing Tavistock Institute and their responsibility to provide ‘programming’ to all audiences, worldwide

98. The Tavistock institute the CIA and the Antarctica treaty along with the UN all hit the world scene around the same time. Think of the CIA as the secret government of the United States and Tavistock as the secret government of the world and both of them answered to their boss at the Vatican.

For all the exciting evidence in our conclusions please click here.

  • What are gov agencies purpose-do they represent us in a way we do not recognize

99. With all this constant lying and managing and directing of us by the governments we have to wonder is there a good purpose and how are they representing us.

One thing we know for sure is we cannot look any direction without seeing the inward and outward property and effect everywhere in life itself. This includes the celebrities the news and the governments. We have accumulated a lot of evidence and our conclusions are available here.