Mother Sixty-Seven to Seventy-Seven

  • What ideas and beliefs do we all share

67. It seems silly to list the ideas and beliefs that we all share since we all know what they are. The main issue at hand is not the ideas and beliefs that we share but the fact that we are not sharing them.
Click here to find the obvious list and not so obvious list of all the ideas and beliefs that we share the ones that we do know about and the ones that we do not know about. We will also discuss all that we have learned and how we have put it together to improve our life. Please click here.

  • Where did all this awesome creation come from

68. Because of our wonderful ways of separation we separate words sounds and meanings into so many different ways that they literally overlap each other. That is no different with the word creation. But in this context of creation we know that we are talking about the creation of life from the beginning.
Before there was creation there was a creator so we know there was a creator after the creator comes creation we all know that because we are all creators and we create with our mind and with our actions every moment of every day.
Creation happens every moment of every day in every place and everywhere we look and everywhere inside so creation is not coming from anywhere it is everywhere.

  • Was there a time on Earth with no Moon

69. There is evidence of ancient Greek scholars teaching their students of the people on earth that lived in a time with no moon. 

We also hear the stories of the Nordic people which means from the north and the Atlantis people which were in one of our oceans we know that the earth goes through great changes and cycles and we have not been told the whole story.

There is now mountains of information and stacks of books as high as a mountain and pictures too on all the ancient civilizations that have come and gone. We do not know why such a great flood of information is now available but regardless of that it is.

If you were not paying attention that is OK as many of us have and have assembled large reservoirs of information to prove our point. Please click here to see the whole story.

  • Was there a time when the planets were big in our sky

70. Yes it is true the sky of earth appears much differently at different times in its cycle of existence. We will show you the text and the pictures that have been rendered to try to explain this please click here.

  • Are the Greek stories of walking Gods, real

71. We have been able to determine that the formats of man and human beings and the entities they coexist with has been different at different cycles of the earth’s existence. We also know that we were larger and most probably more air since all of us are made of air the larger we would be the more air we would be.

It is not a stretch to see how some men could live very long periods of time and learn how to use their powers of telepathy and manifestation to become literal gods among men. As you know there are mountains of information on the Greek and Roman gods and other deity types throughout history and ancient cosmology. We think we have narrowed it down to one story that is easy to see and understand please click here

  • What is the immovable and centralized Earth theory and the studies / conclusions on it

72. What is the immovable and centralized Earth theory and the studies / conclusions on it for all of recorded history until around the time that the printing press was invented and men were supposed to only allowed to start sharing information. Before that time all religions all cosmologies and all men believe that the earth was immovable and a central location in the universe.

Copernicus was not the first one to push forth the idea of a heliocentric world. There were many before him that failed at pushing that concept onto the people including pythagoras.

It has become apparent that the powers that be of the day wanted to change the view of the earth as a method of control over the people. We can now see from mountains and mountains of evidence and research that those same powers that be are now named NASA and governments.

Everyone knows all about this but instead they keep looking at the TV and listening to liars. Why do we choose to stay little children forever. Click here to see all the final evidence you will need to change your mind forever.

  • Has anyone disproved the curvature of the Earth put forth by NASA

73. Has anyone disproved the curvature of the Earth put forth by NASAif you did not know this NASA and the USGS owns the air and the land and they decide how you will view the air and the land which includes the water. NASA and USGS tell us that the earth is round and spinning and traveling through the universe at a high rate of speed while it chases a much faster sun that is also racing through the Galaxy and at the same time as we chase the sun and spin we stay within a perfect orbit that keeps our seasons in place every day and also over many thousands of years none of the stars in our sky have ever changed.

Anyone can prove the non curvature of the earth by standing in a tall building and looking out across the landscape or you can look out across the ocean until a boat disappears and then get your binoculars and watch it for a longer period and then get your telescope and watch it longer until it gets 20 miles away and you can still see the water bouncing against the bottom of the boats hall.
Click here to see the final evidence and what we are doing about it.

  • Are all people connected thru the air/aether somehow

74. The word corporations is an interesting word not only in the way it spells but the way it sounds. If you simply take the S at the end and put it after the P it spells corpse oration.

Our brains do not overlook this and every time they hear the word they have to reassemble what it means again. We aim for you to understand this and more and all there is to know to help you improve about corporations.

It is true that there are many hundreds of patents around weather manipulation and geoengineering and hundreds of successful well to do companies and corporations that do the work for governments around the world.
Click here for the big list and the skinny summary.

  • Why are animals built the same way as me

75. Almost no one has not had a wonderful and beautiful relationship with an animal or animals. even people that take care of horses all day go home and eat cows at night. if you’ve been reading you could prob….how we see this as a conundrum.

  • What am I supposed to eat, if anything

76. For many centuries and eons there has been recorded men and women who lived on air and water only. We know there are people today who say they get all their nutrition from the sun so whether they know it or not they’re getting it from air and water.

I have a personal relationship with someone who never ate and only drank water and air and he blamed it on that he only needed God and God gave him air and water so he only needed God that was his reason.
Get the skinny on how to eat that way without food or how to adapt to your present situation the best way possible to improve your body and your mind click here.

  • Can a ‘no meat’ diet be healthy or dangerous

77. Have you ever heard of the word propaganda? That is used by people who have power in some level over others to influence their thinking decisions and actions. The reason that you believe that you must eat meat to thrive and survive is because of powerful forces using the method of propaganda.

The answer to the question is any diet can be unhealthy but the truth about meat is that it is one of the most unhealthy diets you could choose.

We feel like we have this one nailed down pretty good as we are not ready to live on air and water only but we are looking forward to it. We are preparing our bodies the best way we can with all the information we have gathered. Please click here to get our conclusions and suggestions.