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What is Bigger Than the …..End of World

Do you want Fearlessness, Peace and the Best Relationships and Life Possible

We have done it and it starts with acknowledging the torture of innocent animals and cessation of eating anything of flesh, blood and with a beating Heart. It is the absolute key to the door marked Why are you here? What is your Purpose? The Best Life Possible free of Maladies, Bad Relationships, -Fear and Lack.

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Covid Coronavirus Carnivorous Connection Core

What has eating animals done for me. It showed me the extremes of how to handle my human condition. I ate flesh continously except for a few breaks from 1963 until 2010. I was a murderous beast and I learned, “you are what you eat”.

In 2009-2010 Nin and I began eliminating any edible with content of a beating Heart, IE, no flesh products to eat. Starting with 100% raw foods for 5 years and have since never been sick and now have the best life possible.

Today we eat 70% raw and do include grains and cooked veggies. We have super important intel to share about cooked food and how it causes all maladies and early, premature demise. It is all about Enzymes!

I have now lived 12+ years with no flesh and healthier and happier than ever, much more strength and stamina, much clearer thinking, much less sleep required, all relationships are good now, all with total peace and fearlessness toward my Life and Potential.

Losing Judgement of Others

We almost never compare or judge anymore. We learned every propganda lie being pushed and the agenda to ‘block’ or interfere with our natural Intel emanating from within us Human Beings. We were being USED! Becoming aware makes you understand what a ware is.

The new healthy lifestyle cleared our thinking and energy centers and we were able to complete our study of our love for each other, the Earth, Humans, Creator and Self. Completing this study led to a very deep love, appreciation and humility which has brought us nothing but treasures and peace.

We have gained an awesome respect and humility in front of ourselves as a Creation within Creation and a massive Creation event happening within and around our Being at all times and apparently for all time.

Let us show you.

The Incredible Human Instrument

Would you like to tune your body into a fine instrument that can literally, achieve anything?

Has anyone noticed the amount of propaganda in all categories, poured into human minds daily and since birth? Is it possible eating flesh (carnivore) has been propogandized.

Is it normal or righteous to kill and eat innocent animals with so much disregard, lack of appreciation or respect and literal glee over it? Is it possible this is an outcome of one of the countless propoganda campaigns perpetrated onto humankind. Let us look at it.

The first reaction I get when sharing my “no killing beings with Hearts lifestyle” is “How do you get protein?” or “I have seen many sick vegans on youtube and TV.” Most times people I share this intel with do not know any vegans personally so their info is propaganda only, so sad. After these comments I get flight or fight. The fighters rattle off one propaganda point after another and never actually seek or note the beneficial intel being offered. Instead responding to the strong but unknown to them call from their bodies.

The calls are from Adrenaline addiction, meat alcohol addiction (fermentation in gut causes Red Rum Syndrome), addiction to pain, misery and murder and a parasitic takeover within you, who are always hungry and send eat messages to your brain. These four issues synergize into a powerful and dynamic force to affect your physical state, your clear thinking and your emotional balance. This leads to a cycle of ups and downs and confusion.

An easy cycle to break to allow clarity into you.

Whatever we put out comes back to us. If we leave messes, they pile up. If we disregard a relationship, it fails. If we neglect our bodily needs and purpose, it too will suffer and fail. And of course, the counter to that is also true.

It has been going around for many years that killing and eating innocent animals will lead to devastation for those who do so. Mountains and mountains of studies have proven that human beings are not carnivores. It is easily seen in the format in structure of our body including our teeth and our digestive systems.

As if the act of mistreating, torture and murder of innocent animals is not enough, we do it with absolute Glee, enthusiasm and disregard for the innocent creature of God itself.

The act of murder and absolute disregard for the animals life or its purpose here on earth compounds the issue of eating meat. There are a wide range of common reactions of the human body when it murders an innocent life or when it eats the flesh of a creature that has a heart. These reactions not only are affecting the physical body but also the mental emotional and spiritual body.

Meat Alcohol – Red Rum – Pain Addiction

Murder is no different whether it is imposed onto a human animal or a four legged animal. Murder is the same for two legged animals and flying animals. Murder is the same for swimming animals or any animal that has a beating heart. Once the flesh gets in the body it takes 24 to 72 hours to fully process and digest. This allows for fermentation of the flesh inside the body and where we get the term red rum which means the blood of the beast that you ate which has fermented and turned to alcohol in your digestive tract.

Most people address this issue of drunkenness from eating meat by allowing themselves to believe the fermentation of the meat is what causing them to feel drunk. The truth is there is a much more powerful and much more subtle addictive quality to modern meat eaters.

The innocent animals that are farm raised for human consumption are mistreated and tortured throughout their life and then more so in the moments before their brutal murder and death. This causes a general malaise in the animals being and also causes a massive release of adrenaline throughout the animal’s blood and flesh.

When you do the research you will find that the meat processors add many adulterations to the animal flesh while it’s alive during its murder and while it’s processed. Many of these adulterations pass into the human body but the most offensive is the adrenaline that is contained inside the animal when it is killed. The nasty chemicals or adulterations and the adrenaline of the traumatized animal and the overall malaise around suffering and murder all pass in to the man or woman who participates in this disgusting ritual.

You Are What You Eat & Think

We all remember the saying “You are what you eat” and “You get what you got” and “What I put out is what I get back”. That is because you and I and Nature all operate on the same exact principle. You and I and Nature exactly mirror to ourselves all reactions to actions. All proper behavior is easily decoded and validated through careful observation.

The answer to coronavirus is to end Murder of Humans and Animals. Coronavirus ends when carnivorous ends. The many details of detriment to a Human from murdering and eating flesh is completely covered over by insanely driven and adrenaline addicted meat junkies who are tearing down their evolution and as many as they can take with them.

Take a Stand

Where will you stand. Will you continue to make excuses for murder and horrible behavior to satisy delusioned and addictive callings. These actions are always balanced immediately by Nature and your body. Do you respect your body and Nature. Do you not value your opportunity as a sovereign human being.

All actions and thoughts are immediately countered by Nature. Nature is your counterpart. You are the Part, which means “P”erfect ART. As you go, Nature around you will appear. Live Life as a killer and murderer, you will feel the same pain. Disregard other’s miseries, you will feel their pain.

Add joy to someone’s life or save an innocent Life, your Life greatly improves. Nature is 100% on your side. Whichever side you choose. Want to end miseries. Treat all lives as you do your own. Love all lives as you do your own.

80% Success is Showing Up

Does that lofty goal seem too far away for you to go. Then simply face that direction and take small steps. Nature will notice your intention and provide.
Once you start you will find many gifts and friends to assure you and help you. It is not so hard as you think now.

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Please follow us and get to learn where to claim your birthright treasures that are awaiting you. The trade we offer to the world makes the world less significant and you and your destiny as paramount. If you are God walking, why behave otherwise?